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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Relcap Fut 2015 Sep 29

It is an event(RBI decision) day. So trade light & cautious.
Based on the SGX nifty & pre-open it is clear it is going to open down. Find for the oppportunity which can be of support near the PDL.


1. RelCap fit the plan. First candle confirmed, it is not ready to go down. Buy near the PDL . Exit with 2 points.

2. Though it is very clear that PDL lends support, owing to the event , no trades executed here

3. Support at PDC is a buy , on a normal day. After seeing such a volatile move, got scared & didnot do any trade here ...

4. BO-HOD is a buy again, with 2 ~ 3points profit. ( didnt trade as I was not watching live)

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