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Monday, 28 September 2015

AshokLeyland Fut 2015 Sep 28

First trading day of the new series (Oct2015)

1. Attempt to go above PDH failed, resulting in BOF-PDH. Sell with a target of PDC. Exit at PDC or at FTC.   Since the lot size is 4000, it is ok even if you get 1/2 a point. Profit (0.5 point)

2. BRK_DWN-PDH is a sell again with the IRL as Tgt 1, PDC Tgt2 & PDL Tgt3. FTC resulted in exit . Profit (0.5 point)

3. TST-PDH again resulted in a sell, with PDC, PDL as targets. FTC resulted in exit. Profit (0.75 point)

Conservative estimates = Profit 0.5 points

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