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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Yesbank Fut 2015 Sep 30

1. Failure to go above PDH, is a sell signal with the target of PDC. Profit potential of 2 ~ 3 points.
 Done for the day !!!

Relcap Fut 2015 Sep 29

It is an event(RBI decision) day. So trade light & cautious.
Based on the SGX nifty & pre-open it is clear it is going to open down. Find for the oppportunity which can be of support near the PDL.


1. RelCap fit the plan. First candle confirmed, it is not ready to go down. Buy near the PDL . Exit with 2 points.

2. Though it is very clear that PDL lends support, owing to the event , no trades executed here

3. Support at PDC is a buy , on a normal day. After seeing such a volatile move, got scared & didnot do any trade here ...

4. BO-HOD is a buy again, with 2 ~ 3points profit. ( didnt trade as I was not watching live)

Monday, 28 September 2015

Yesbank Fut 2015 Sep 29

No BOF-PDH, TST-PDH for sell
No TST-PDL, BOF-PDL for buy

If you have happen to watch this live.... It would have been a boring day. You got to learn to do NOTHING some times.
An example day for doing no trade.

AshokLeyland Fut 2015 Sep 28

First trading day of the new series (Oct2015)

1. Attempt to go above PDH failed, resulting in BOF-PDH. Sell with a target of PDC. Exit at PDC or at FTC.   Since the lot size is 4000, it is ok even if you get 1/2 a point. Profit (0.5 point)

2. BRK_DWN-PDH is a sell again with the IRL as Tgt 1, PDC Tgt2 & PDL Tgt3. FTC resulted in exit . Profit (0.5 point)

3. TST-PDH again resulted in a sell, with PDC, PDL as targets. FTC resulted in exit. Profit (0.75 point)

Conservative estimates = Profit 0.5 points

Thursday, 24 September 2015

YESBANK Fut 2015 Sep 24

Its an expiry day.

0 . Day opened gap down within the previous day range. Initial 2 candles , were green with BO-PDC, projected bullishness. However, there is not much space, as the PDH is very near.

1. BRK DWN of PDC gave a SELL signal. Exit on FTC . ( 3points profit)

2. Sell on TST-PDC. Exit on FTC ( 3~4 points profit)

It is better NOT to  venture beyond this time as it is an expiry day.