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Friday, 12 June 2015

LT Fut 2015 Jun 12

LT Fut 2015 Jun 12:

Opened with in the Previous day range.. Formed an Intraday range.

0. Failure to go below PDL was a buy , but since the PDC is very near, it may not be a good idea to get in LONG (Profit :1 point)

1. Started trading below PDL. However there was no clear message of price BO- PDL. Its better not to trade these signal

2. After significanlty coming down, failure to go above PDL is a sell signal, which didnt go below LOD-1 at that moment...hence TP. (Profit :3 point)

3. Break below LOD1 is again a sell, but the signal failed to go below.(Loss : 10 points)

5. kind of double bottom, with LOD -2 holding .. is a buy.. however, the long green candle has already reached near the PDL with very less profit potential.. if you are clever you should not trade ..(profit :1 point)

6. Failing to go above PDL is a SELL... with very less time for EOD, we may not get commitment from day traders.. hence better to skip...

Overall the day could have been a LOSS day ...

Todays count : Loss -10points

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