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Thursday, 11 June 2015

LT fut 2015 Jun 11

LT fut 2015 Jun 11:

Opened above PDH , but could not sustain, came down immediately.
As the FTA- PDC is nearby, no need to go for short.

1. Trading below PDC gave a sell signal, which immediately hit SL. (Loss: 5 points)

2. Trading below PDC again gave a sell signal, with target1- BRN, target2-PDL. It did reach target2.(Profit: 25points)

3. After hitting PDL, started moving UP again , gave a buy signal, which got resisted at 1700 spot , so TP ( Profit 2 points)

4. Formed a kind of double top at 1700 spot, which says its not ready to go up beyond 1700 spot, hence a short again with PDL as target 1. When it didnt go below PDL , TP again at 5.(Profit 10 points)

Profit / Loss : +32 points

Discalimer: It is a hindsight analysis and the profits are notional and not real unless really executed.

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