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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

LT fut 2015 Feb 10

After a huge RED day , LT closed near the low of the day, yesterday... Today it opened just below PDL.

1) The 1 st candle with a long tail at the bottom, conveys that its not ready to go down further...

2) The next candle was a BO- PDL . Waited for a buy & went long on PDC , with SL as low of this candle.

3) Exited with a 10 points profit...which on hindsight looked like ..I could have waited till BRN 1600... The whole of this trade is completed even before the intraday range is revealed...

4) BO- IRH was again a buy ...with candle low as SL. And SL hit, which means its not ready to go above BRN.

5) So enter short again , with candle top as SL or wait till BRN & short again...with PDL, PDC, IRL as target..

As always its easy for a post mortem ...

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