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Thursday, 5 February 2015

LICHSGFIN fut 2015 Feb 05

Started within the previous range...A big red candle was formed....the next candle had a big tail near the PDL and it clearly says it is not ready to go down , OR price got rejected below PDL..

1. BO of PDC was a good buy. NOTE: Though the intraday range was not revealed the previous signals gave a clarity to go long...which was a good profitable trade.. exited with 3 points profit..(real trade)

the following analysis are a post mortem , which is easier to do than the trade...

2. TST_IRH was a sell signal , with a loss

3. BO of IRH was a buy .. but after forming a double top SL hit

4. BRK DWN of IRH was a sell which was a good trade ...

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