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Friday, 26 February 2016

TataSteel Fut 2016 Feb 26

TataSteel Fut 2016 Feb 26:

First day of the series..
1. Based on the market open it comfortably opened above the PDC & moved above PDH. It gave off PDH easily.
 Hence its a short. Did move well. Immediately after moving down from our short, it was so volatile, it is tricky to hold on to the short as the lot size is 2000

2. Its a TST-PDH , for a short. I hesitated & left. Thought I will wait until I get a clear BOF-PDH

3. Again another TST-PDH. Thought may be it is really not going high. So I can go short..I did go... My bad it went above PDH.

4. Wow I got a BOF-PDH , which Im favour of to go short. But I dint do this.. because I was watching some other chart at that instant. I missed this one.

5. Though PB till PDL was there.. I didnot want to go short ... as probability of sell @ PDH's is a good one than @PDL's from my experience.

6. Its a good signal to go long .. but it was tricky whether to go buy @ 6a (week buy signal) or 6b (no pull back...)

Net Result: It was a positive trade.

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