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Monday, 25 January 2016

TataMotors Jan Fut 20160125

Initial Candles gave a signal, that its not ready to go above PDH.

1. PDC gave a support , but there was no follow up.. if one has traded, it would be a loss

2. Clear signal of BRk-DWN-PDC. Attempted a short, below the red candle... it came up , hitting SL.

3. TST-PDH , is a sell signal. If one was holding , it was an excellent trade, to hold till the PDL. Bcoz of the earlier loss trade, I exited very early. (early exit due to Fear )

The net is a loss.

The lesson: The probability of success trades near PDH, PDL is more than the ones near PDC. Its lesson learnt earlier also... however, todays BRK_DWN_PDC was such a lengthy red candle, to ignore.

Its all in the game of fear , greed & patience ...

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