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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Nifty Fut 2018 Jun 14

Started below PDL. Revealed the Intraday range.

At point 1 , it failed to go below. It is a kind of buy trigger. Waited for a follow up. It did happen at 2, but it not sustain SL hit .

Cost = - 6points

Relcap Fut Jun 20180614

Just started trading below PDL. IR was revealed.
BRKDWN of IRL was a trigger at point 1. Waited for a pull back & follow up. It was a short at point. But there after , no follow up. It has to be exited . Cost =-1point

Hindalco Fut 2018Jun14

Opened near PDH, but immediately gaveup - a msg of weakness. BO of IRL is a clear sell signal.
Wait for follow up. Waited near 10~11 candles approx 30min. Then placed a SL limit sell order , if it goes for day low.

It got executed at 2, but the candle dint close down comfortably. It has to be exited. Cost = -0.8points

LIC fut 2018 Jun 14

Lic opened beloe PDL... easily is maling new lows, a sign of weakness. After a couple of  candles, it drived a new low. That was the trigger to go short, marked 1.

There was a follow up on 2 , where you can go short. As usual exited with 1 point.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

HindUniLever Fut 2018Jun13

Keep the big pitcure in mind. it is going through 52 week High.
MSP is at 1607.

The IR did not come near this for the whole day. However at the heat of the moment at the stared area , when the candle was not complete, it was looking as a Follow up candle, jumped in to buy.

The idea was, it can be a carry over also.

Mistake1 : Action before the candle completes
Mistake 2: Action without clear plan , whether intraday or position. If it is intraday , it could have been avoided.

Costed me 2 .5 loss, as I decided not to carry over. But keep in mind MSP at 1607

Hindalco Fut 2018Jun13

First arrow is the BO. 2nd arrow is the follow up.
Target can be the next MSP & PDH. Infact it did hit both. But due to the volatility couldnot participate till the 2nd target.

Baj Fin Fut 2018Jun13

Break of a range yielded 2 points , however there was a risk, as it was too early in the morning , to confirm the IRH &IRL